Bamboo Straws Can Make Outdoor Parties More Eco-Friendly

March 25,2021

The warm weather is getting better. Have you ever thought about getting out of busy work and spending a day outdoors with friends? Outdoor parties are bound to produce a lot of white pollution, most of them come from your plastic bags, straws, etc. How to be environmentally friendly and have an indulgent outdoor party while traveling? Here are perfect ideas for your reference.


bamboo straws in party


Eco-friendly outdoor party ideas

I think, first of all, everyone wants to make this party well, and also want to make the scene match more textured. Here are very good suggestions. Whether your location is in a wide corridor paved with ivory white polish floor tile or an open concrete floor, bamboo straws will give you a natural decoration for the party.


Bamboo straws

The impression of bamboo products is cold and fragrant, and it can make people feel the intention of the party and the high-end beauty embodied in it. And the weight of the bamboo straw is not heavy. With the implementation of the current plastic restriction order, choosing bamboo straws is your support for social environmental protection.


bamboo straws bulk


Features of bamboo straws

1. The bamboo straw is completely natural, 100% made of bamboo, and does not use any chemicals. The quality is excellent, not only beautiful, the bamboo straw is durable and does not contain dyes or inks. Each straw is derived from a single bamboo, with slight differences in color, thickness, texture, and diameter.


2. The bamboo straw is completely natural, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They are environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic, paper, steel pipes, and glass straws.

The used bamboo products can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water when buried in the soil, which contributes to the looseness and permeability of the soil, prevents soil compaction, promotes the healthy development and growth of plant roots,  and realizes taking from nature and returning to nature.


It is a nice biodegradable material, bamboo solves the problems of ordinary plastics that are difficult to degrade and heavy pollution; and solves the problems of general biodegradable materials that are not heat-resistant, cold-resistant, low mechanical strength, difficult to apply, difficult to popularize, and expensive. It can replace non-degradable plastics to produce disposable tableware, film bags, packaging materials, toys and other products.


3. Bamboo straws can provide a natural decoration for parties, barbecues, birthdays, weddings and other events.


bamboo straws in party 


Preparations for outdoor parties


From the room to the outdoors, you need to bring a lot of things. Therefore, you need to prepare the following


Trolley backpack


This may be what you need very much. I believe there must be a nice trolley backpack you have gotten before from the trolley backpack manufacturer. This day, you may purchase a lot of things such bamboo straws, tablecloth, fruits, snacks and cakes, juice, beer as well as decorative mateial such as PET Glitter Powder, light post, balloon, etc. The trolley backpack will help you reduce weight.




Contribute the spare bright indoor airproof downlight at home and install it outdoors, and hang the string of lights with large glitters on the tree or where you need it.


Bamboo products have a strong natural flavor, which is a major selling point of future eco-tourism. More and more people are choosing to return to a simple and green life, to achieve low-carbon plastic limit, and return to nature.


Bamboo straws are your best choice for outdoor environmental protection parties, and they are also the choice of many catering industries. We recommend that you choose bamboo products instead of disposable plastic products. In addition, if you need bamboo straw bulk, please click here to contact us, we can provide colors according to your requirements.