Cheap Bamboo Cultery: Must-Known Information Before Buying

January 11,2021

We are now advocating environmentally friendly travel and environmentally friendly dining. Bamboo cutlery helps you reduce the use of disposable products, whether it is a knife and fork, chopsticks or spoons, and it can be reused. There are many suppliers on the Internet such as Inchel Technology Group Limited sells cheap bamboo cutlery, and you can select good and cheapcutlery online. 

Bamboo cutlery

Before buying bamboon cultery whether it is cheap or not, we must know important information about it, so we can decide buy or not.

Why use bamboo cutlery?

  • It is actually light in weight and also heavy duty. Thereby, it's also great for on-the-go banquets.
  • Since it's bamboo, it is actually incredibly solid and also will definitely last a long time.
  • Our company believe that bamboo is actually the best replacement for plastic, as well as recognize that you'll like this environmentally friendly choice to non-reusable flatware.
  • Our bamboo flatware collection is actually excellent for outings, traveling, as well as backpacking. Furthermore, it appropriates for day-to-day make use of on the go.

What's the benefits of bamboo cutlery

  • Bamboo grows naturally, making use of simply water.
  • Even without chemicals, bamboo grows rapidly.
  • An extremely maintainable and all natural product.

What we should note?

Whether it is cheap or expensive bamboo products, mildew is a characteristic of bamboo products. Don't worry, this is a natural phenomenon, and we have tips to prevent mildew on bamboo cultery. 


  • Store bamboocutlery in a dry place as much as possible, keep good ventilation, and do not use a tube for the container, or it can be breathable without stagnant water, preferably a basket like a frame. In addition, chopsticks and chopstick cages should be cleaned regularly. The chopstick cages should preferably have breathable and leaky nets.
  • The bamboocutlery must be washed and dried after use, and kept separate from the chopsticks that are not commonly used to keep the bamboo chopsticks clean and tidy. When washing bamboo chopsticks, soak it in hot water and then wash it. After washing, you can put it in the sun for a while, which can effectively disinfect and dry.
  • If the bamboocutlery have become moldy, it is recommended to heat thecutlery in a container with water, add vinegar and cook for more than 5 minutes, which can effectively remove the mildew on the bamboo chopsticks.
  • Don't take out all thecutlery for use, so that the space of the chopstick box will greatly facilitate ventilation and will not easily cause the chopsticks to become moldy.
  • Changecutlery regularly. Once thecutlery are used for a long time, the surface is no longer smooth, and frequent use and scrubbing can easily make the chopsticks rough, with many small grooves and cracks, which are very easy to cause the residual and breeding of pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, chopsticks are best replaced like toothbrushes every three months to six months.


If you want to buy cheap bamboo cultery, you need order in large. Generally, they have min orders, you should order it much more than the min order. Besides, Inchel provides cheap disposable bamboo cultery with natural raw material that is processed into our common daily necessities and disposable tableware, such as straws, chopsticks, cutlery, etc., and the price is reasonable.And it is wise to master the tips.