Edible Food Wrappers In KFC

February 18,2021

Environmental protection and emission reduction have been a hot topic in recent years, and more and more brands have spent a lot of thought on the design of packaging paper. From the replacement of materials to new packaging forms, there are many creative ways. Everyone is very familiar with KFC. There are many people from snacks to adults, and they are now playing a role by providing fully edible wrapper.


Food with edible wrapper


KFC's edible wrapping paper has an eye-catching design in red, black and white colors and different sayings. This non-traditional food wrapper is used with KFC's cyst-free Double Down sandwich, which uses two slices of fried chicken instead of bread. Since this sandwich may be difficult to eat during the journey, wrapping paper printed with edible ink helps keep everything tidy.


KFC edible wrapper


The most direct reason for the invention of KFC edible wrapping paper-convenience


KFC's burger can be said to be a trump card product. When eating burgers, many people encounter a problem. The burger is actually quite big, and if you bite it directly, your mouth will not open that big. Eating in layers loses the fun of eating burgers. So how is there a way to get the best of both worlds?


This kind of wrapping paper completely wraps the burger. Let the burger become like a big bun, which can be eaten directly. This kind of wrapping paper looks no different from ordinary wrapping paper.


What is KFC edible wrapping paper made of?


Wafer paper is edible paper, also called glutinous rice paper, which is made of glutinous rice. The glutinous rice paper is actually the second layer of white rabbit packaging. The translucent layer of paper is edible. KFC used edible ink to print colorful patterns. Maintain the consistent trend style of KFC.


Benefits of edible paper


  • Our lives are more convenient and pollution problems are alleviated, thus protecting our homeland and the earth on which we live.


  • It is made with glutinous rice flour and is edible. The main reason for using it to wrap milk candy and other foods is that it has a slight moisture absorption effect, in addition to being relatively smooth and hygienic. Prevent the milk candy from absorbing moisture, its hardness will decrease, the outer packaging will stick to the shape and even deteriorate.


  • According to the SCIENCING, edible food wrappers provide a simple way to reduce global dependence on plastics. Edible and biodegradable food packaging materials can eliminate a lot of plastic packaging. From article: Can Edible Food Wrappers Solve the Plastic Crisis?


In addition, KFC has also introduced many alternative edible products before, including everything from chicken-flavored nail polish to beverage cups made from biscuits.


Edible cup


In addition to KFC's edible wrapping paper, there are also edible coffee cups in the United Kingdom, edible corn bowls in India and even edible nail polish in the world. Plus, with more and more businesses focus on environmental protection and sustainable development to make cities better, biodegradable materials and products is being a popular choice.