How bamboo straws to boom your business?

May 11,2021

As a manufacturer or seller of bulk bamboo drinking straws, they are also thinking about the possibility of replacing plastic straws and paper straws, making them popular. If, how can companies promote bamboo drinking straws in markets?


bulk bamboo drinking straws


Why you have the idea


With the implementation of the plastic restriction and the increase in environmental protection awareness, many catering shops choose paper straws instead of plastic straws. However, the quality of paper straws is uneven, and the problems of paper scraps and soft foaming are frequently complained by consumers. 




Advantages of bamboo dringking straws


At present, the traditional preparation process of bamboo drinking straws is to prepare the stems of bamboo species with smaller diameter or branches of large-diameter bamboo species, through the steps of truncation, diameter classification, inner wall polishing, high temperature treatment, disinfection treatment, etc., to prepare natural bamboo sticks. straw. This process is highly dependent on the natural shape of the bamboo poles or main branches, and it is difficult to achieve standardized and efficient mechanized production.


In order to solve this shortcoming, the new generation of bamboo drinking straws mainly use moso bamboo or other bamboo species with a certain wall thickness, which are cut, split, and drawn into cylindrical bamboo sticks, dried, fixed length, polished, fixed, drilled.The bamboo drinking straws are prepared through steps such as disinfection treatment. The method can not only prepare bamboo straws of different sizes, but also can be standardized, standardized, and mechanized for efficient production, and the products are non-toxic, harmless, degradable, and have no pollution to the environment. The use of bamboo straws can greatly reduce the use of disposable plastic straws, which is more environmentally friendly and healthy.


From a commercial point of view, paper straws with poor experience and higher cost, and biodegradable plastic straws with higher cost, will not be good choices for tea companies. The degradable, non-polluting, relatively low-cost bamboo drinking straws are undoubtedly a more suitable substitute.



bulk bamboo drinking straws


How to promote the application of bamboo straws


This is an issue that is very worthy of attention.


There are still many used abroad. According to relevant information, the bamboo drinking  straws produced by Chinese domestic bamboo products companies are mainly sold to foreign markets, such as Europe, America, Japan and other regions. For example, the management of a bamboo products company in Anhui said in an interview: “Many businessmen ask us to develop bamboo straws instead of plastic straws. The market for bamboo straws is larger than that of bamboo chopsticks and bamboo skewer, and it is universal in the world. "In the domestic market, there is no news that bamboo drinking straws are being used extensively.


1. The principle of primary and secondary


Many companies may think that the higher the distribution rate of new products, the better, because the visibility of the terminal will attract consumers to buy, which is in line with the marketing principle of "visible and buy". This is theoretically correct, but This is not the case in practice.


Although the bamboo straw is not a completely new product, it is a "new face" to most domestic consumers. Therefore, it takes time for consumers to accept and approve it. The spread of goods in a large area will lead to a decline in the terminal driving force, and the decline in driving force means that the listing may not be successful.


The correct way is to spread the products in the right way, that is, focus first, then popularize, point to the surface, synchronize online and offline, and form purchasing power, awareness and awareness through terminals that have good business, have an influence on the region, and can quickly sell products. After the product's influence, it will attract small terminals to sell "new" products-bamboo straws.


2. Appropriate advertising


Advertising has the effect of promoting product sales. Advertising is indispensable during product promotion and application. However, the more advertising is not the better, bamboo straws are low-profit, and excessive advertising investment is not a cost-effective business. Therefore, it is necessary to invest moderately in advertising, fully consider the profit margin and sales volume of bamboo straws, and formulate a reasonable advertising plan.


bulk bamboo drinking straws


3. Organic combination of strategy and cost


Don't blindly pursue promotion fees, and don't think that the more the promotion costs, the harder the terminal will be to recommend, the dealer will buy a large amount of goods, and the salesperson will work harder. Instead, the result is: terminal prices are chaotic, dealers' pursuit of high profits and salesmen blindly pursue supply, resulting in an excessive backlog of goods, the final product promotion fee is gone, and the product is dead.


Therefore, in the marketing of bamboo straws, it is necessary to organically combine a moderate promotion fee and a reasonable promotion strategy, and do a good job of supervision and management to avoid entering the promotion misunderstanding.


4. Good promotion strategy


Promotional activities are an effective supplement to promotion expenses, with the purpose of attracting consumers to buy, but it is not that the stronger the promotion and the longer the time, the better the effect. Excessive promotion will cause consumers to question the price of the product, and the long time will make the product lack of freshness, resulting in price instability and slow sales growth in the later stage of the product launch.


Therefore, when companies carry out promotional activities, they should pay attention to the combination of moderate promotion intensity and flexible and changeable policies. The promotion time should be adjusted periodically to prevent confusion in the price system and prevent consumers from losing the freshness of the product.



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Bamboo drinking straws make life greener and healthier. Green business opportunities promote enterprises to accelerate technological innovation and bring more green products. This is the inevitable trend of future commercial products. Search bulk Bamboo Drinking Straws in Inchel.