Environmentally Friendly Products-Biobased Products

April 02,2021

With the increasingly prominent environmental problems and the attention of countries all over the world, environmental problems have gradually attracted the attention of the masses. For the sake of environmental protection, many companies have begun to promote environmentally friendly products, and some companies are specialized in manufacturing environmentally friendly products, such as RPET Backpack, REPT environmental protection bags, biobased cutlery, Biodegradable Skewer, and so on!


Illness has always been a problem that people pay attention to. People are very worried about the hygiene of the cutlery in the restaurant when they eat out. Therefore, biobased plastic cutlery can protect our health and allow us to eat with confidence.


Biobased Plastic Bag


What is biobased plastic cutlery?

Cutlery made of fibers and other substances that can be quickly decomposed by bacteria are more environmentally friendly. The most common one is polylactic acid (PLA). Inchel's biobased cutlery includes knives, forks and spoons for meals or consumption. Disposable knives can be used to cut meat, such as steaks. Disposable forks can be used to eat cakes, fruits and vegetables etc. The spoons can be used for soup, porridge, etc. Disposable cutlery is usually used for outdoor parties, birthday parties, canteens and takeaway packaging to provide convenience and hygiene.


Bio-based plastics are biodegradable materials. Bio-based plastics look like plastics, but they are not plastics. It has similar properties to plastic, but unlike plastic that takes a long time to decompose, it reduces white pollution. It is an excellent substitute for non-degradable disposable plastic cutlery.


biobased plastic cutlery


Features of bio-based plastics

  • It contains both renewable carbon and fossil fuel-based carbon.


  • Carbon neutral is made from natural raw materials, mainly corn and yam starch. This means that the amount of carbon dioxide released during incineration is as much as 68% less than that of traditional plastics.


  • Increase the renewable energy content of your products by up to 64%, which meets the standard ASTM D 6866 (biomaterial content) and can reduce your carbon footprint.


What is PLA?

PLA) is a type of polymer polymerized from the fermentation product of microorganisms L_lactic acid as a monomer. It has unique biodegradability, biocompatibility, bulk glitter and will not leave any environmental protection problems after degradation. It will become a future application Eco-friendly materials with broad development prospects.




Polylactic acid is resistant to water but not high temperature. Although it is not water-soluble, microorganisms in the marine environment can also degrade it into carbon dioxide and water. This plastic is similar to transparent polystyrene, showing a good appearance (gloss and transparency), but it is a hard and brittle material that needs to be modified in most practical applications (such as using plasticizers to improve its flexibility), and by the wy, Inchel has pla dipping in resin for sale.


If you are looking for an environmentally friendly product company like biobased cutlery, you can pay attention to us first. We have been committed to the research and development of sustainable and degradable products. If you need it, you can contact us.