How to Choose Paper Straw Adhesive?

February 23,2021

The invention of plastic is great, but its impact on the global environment is also increasing. Therefore, in recent years, different countries and regions have banned or restricted the use of plastics around the world, especially for the single-use plastic products. At the same time, many biodegradable products like paper staws are promoted as potential alternatives. This article is a guide on how to choose adhesive for paper straw.


Paper straw is one of the most favorite alternatives to plastic straw. In fact, the invention of paper straw is earlier than that of plastic straw. Different from plastic straw which is extruded in one step, the production of paper straws is typically to get three plies of paper bonded together by a small amount of water-based adhesive using a core-winding machine.



paper straw



In the past, using paper straws did not leave good user experience, but with the continuous advancement of technology, more and more people are willing to actively use paper straws. The problems of paper straws reported by most users are and not limited to bad smell, interface separation and easy to become soft after being soaked. Therefore, when choosing paper straw adhesive or glue, the key consideration is to avoid choosing products that are prone to cause the above problems (the following points are only for reference).




Odor is a sensory reflection. Well, there’s no uniform standard for this, but you can refer to a technical data of glue - pH. Generally speaking, the glue is acidic or alkaline, and the smell is relatively obvious. Therefore, there are group standards that define the pH in the range of 4-8. Except that, some specific ingredients inside the formulation may release unfavorable smell, and in most cases, that unfavorable smell will inherently exist in the finished paper straw. You must definitely avoid using such paper straw adhesive. Inchel fully understands this stringent requirement and we did broad range of screening for the most safe and clean raw materials to make the finished glue as flavorless as possible;


Interface Separation


If this problem occurs in the production of paper straws, the reason might be the setting time of the glue is too long, or the opening time of the glue is too short which causes poor bonding; But if this problem occurs when the end user drinks water or beverages, the reason might be the soak resistance or resistance to water/beverage is not good enough for the adhesive. Inchel’s patented formulation of paper straw adhesive was specially designed to adopt unique eco polymer materials which are biodegradable and yet maintain excellent water resistance and wide operating window;


Easy to become soft


Paper will become soft after being soaked in water and other beverages. At this time, paper straw adhesive with higher hardness and soaking resistance can definitely improve this performance. Again, Inchel's offering is innovatively developed to form the rigid film after drying and show excellent resistance to water and beverages.


Regulatory Compliance


As the product constantly being used in our mouth and drinks, paper straw is critically reviewed by regulations and regulatory compliance is very import concern. And so, there are many similar or equivalent regulations issued by different countries or regions which play important roles for market penetration into certain regions. Choosing products that are with food contact material regulatory certification, like GB9685 and GB4806 (China), FDA 21CFR (US), (EC) No 1935/2004 (Europe), LFGB (Germany), DGCCRF2004 (France), etc. is critical. And Inchel’s offering is compliant of them all.


Water-based food grade paper straw adhesive  Water-based food grade paper straw adhesive


Inchel's food grade water-based adhesive – paper straw glue 7212, especially suitable for the high-speed production of paper straws, and still maintains excellent performance in low temperature environments. The product has ultra-low odor, with features of long open time, wide operating window, high rigidity of film, and strong initial tack. More specifically, the paper straw made of 7212 could withstand water in high temperature, from 80°C to boiling grade and it can also be used for varieties of beverages like Coca, Liquor, Spirit, Juices etc. This adhesive is compliant of different authoritative standards for food contact adhesive or coating like GB4806, GB9685, (EC)No1935/2004, FDA CFR21.175.300, LFGB.


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