Is Pre-Coated Paper Biodegradable For Paper Cup?

March 09,2021

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Imagining why does the disposable paper cup remain unchanged after receiving hot water? That's because the paper cups used for hot drinks are coated with plastic, which can withstand temperatures above 90°C and even bloom with water. However, with the improvement of environmental protection awareness, a biodegradable pre-coated paper is gradually used in the paper product production industry.


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What Is Pre-Coated Paper

Pre-coated paper is something that biodegradable boating is pre-coated on the paper, which can replace the non-degradable plastic coating, and realize the final product is fully recyclable or degradable.


Features Of Pre-Coated Paper

It has the characteristics of plastic coated paper, excellent water resistance, oil resistance and heat resistance.


The product meets the requirements of relevant regulations for food contact and is a green and sustainable product. It is a perfect substitute for plastic coating.



  • Non-adhesive paper straws
  • Paper cups
  • Paper tableware,etc.


Why Use Pre-Coated Paper


According to the paper,"Microplastics and other harmful substances released from disposable paper cups into hot water", published in the "Journal of Hazardous Materials" (Journal of Hazardous Materials). It shows that within 15 minutes of holding the hot liquid, the lining material will be degraded to a certain extent, thereby releasing microplastic particles, harmful ions and heavy metals into the liquid.


Moreover, these microplastics come from the lining material of the paper cup. The inner surface of the paper cup is usually lined with a layer of hydrophobic film. This film is usually made of polyethylene plastic. This compact structure also prevents the liquid contained in it from leaking out. Studies have shown that after holding hot water in a paper cup, the plastic surface will degrade with the action of hot water within 15 minutes.


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(Origin: Journal of Hazardous Materials)


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