Paper straws manufacturer: Order bulk at a good price

December 21,2020

What are paper straws made of?

Disposable paper straws are a green and sustainable alternative to disposable plastic straws. Paper straws are made of 3 layers of paper and food-grade paper straw adhesive, through paper straw making machine roll forming and slitting.

Why choose Inchel Technology?

Inchel Technology Group Limited is a high-quality paper straws manufacturer in China. For bulk orders, we will offer reasonable prices. Inchel Technology adheres to the global environmental protection demand as the guide, master the core environmental protection material technology, have a complete service network, and a professional R&D team, which can provide customers with high-quality biodegradable disposable products.

Paper Straw 

Price: $ 1.00 ~ $ 10.00/piece

Min order:10000/piece

Sample: Available.

We support the payment: PayPal,VISA,MasterCard,Western Union,L/C,T/T,D/P,D/A,Other



Size:6/7/8/10/12 mm

Print: Customizable


Products Display

Paper Straw - Stripe Color

Paper Straw - Stripe Color

Paper Straw - Diagonal Cut

Paper Straw - Diagonal Cut

Paper Straw - Elbow

Paper Straw - Elbow

If you are interested in paper straws and want to know more, we are the best choice to get bulk of them. And welcome to call +86-20-39955100(Ext 601)or mail us: We are looking forward to be your partner.

Paper straws safe for humans

While it holds true that newspaper straws may not be as unsafe as plastic straws, this doesn't suggest that they may not be dangerous at all. As a matter of fact, newspaper straws can still have a lot of adverse environmental impacts, particularly if they are inaccurately gotten rid of. That is actually why McDonald's modification to newspaper straws, they claimed its plastic straws were actually "one hundred per cent recyclable" yet altered to paper since "even more can be carried out". A spokesperson for McDonald's mentioned: "Our company strengthened our newspaper straws therefore, while the materials are actually recyclable, their density makes it complicated for all of them to be refined by our misuse remedy companies.

Tips & Suggestions

About paper straws last time.

  • 2-3 hours

The length of time carry out they hold up in liquids? Aardvark's newspaper straws are actually made making use of approximately 33% even more material than imported straws and also are primarily made certainly not to fall to pieces or acquire soggy and collapse. Most of the times with regular usage, our newspaper straws will definitely last for 2-3 hours.