Protecting The Environment Starts With Paper Cutlery(Food Industry)

April 25,2021

When your are away from home, or office workers don’t have time to cook, they are more inclined to take out. However, when we received a takeaway, all we had in our hands were disposable items, which undoubtedly increased the burden on our planet. As one of paper cutlery manufacturers, we call on the food industry to choose degradable paper cutlery for us.


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Pursuing green life


People’s awareness of environmental protection is increasing. Many people choose public transportation to travel, or choose environmentally friendly lithium electric bike, lithium battery It has the advantages of being lightweight, environmentally friendly, and will not cause environmental pollution after being discarded. In the use of backpacks, there are more and more users of RPET collection such as RPET backpack. People in different industries are also contributing their own strength, such as waterproof tape for pipe leaks suppliers,  manufacturers, azamethiphos insecticide suppliers, etc. are seeking more environmentally friendly raw materials. As a big player in the catering industry, we should choose an environmentally friendly way to make our lives full of green. Although you have chosen environmentally friendly takeaway bags, please choose biodegradable paper cutlery tableware and biodegradable chopsticks.


biodegradable chopsticks 


Understanding paper cutlery


Paper cutlery is based on plant fiber virgin paperboard as the main raw material, such as wood pulp, reed pulp, bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp and so on. Among them, the wood pulp fiber is longer, less impurity, good strength, and the stability, rigidity, toughness and whiteness of the product are relatively good. Reed pulp, bagasse pulp, and bamboo pulp are also good raw materials for producing paper pulp cutlery.



Additives are necessary raw and auxiliary materials in the production process of paper cutlery. In order to ensure the use performance of pulp molded snack utensils and meet the standard requirements of disposable degradable tableware, a certain amount of waterproofing agent, Chemical products such as oil repellent, curing agent, dry strength agent, and wet strength agent are used as additives. Therefore, paper cutlery is no longer a simple paper product, but an industrial product made of pulp as the main raw material and added with various additives at the same time.


biodegradable paper cutlery 


Paper cutlery in Inchel

Paper cutlery includes knife, fork and spoon, they are popular with various parties and other occasion, such as birthday party, outdoor party, takeaway packaging, dining halls. Always appeared with bulk celebrate paper plates in celebrating occasion. Our paper cutlery is made by cooking wood and other raw materials into pulp, and then adding a small amount of auxiliary materials.



  • Biodegradable
  • High temperature cooking
  • Better performance
  • Has a high recycling value, conducive to resource saving and environmental protection


5 reasons why paper cultery replaces traditional plastic cultery


(1) The process technology is simple and practical, and there is basically no pollution in the production process, which meets the requirements of cleaner production.


(2) Wide sources of raw materials and low cost. It is mainly made of waste paper or annual herb fiber pulp. The raw materials can be adapted to local conditions and made locally.


(3) Light weight, low recycling cost and can be used repeatedly.


(4) Pulp products have good water absorption, hydrophobicity and heat insulation, and good air permeability has unique benefits for the packaging of fresh products. The volume is small and can be stacked and stored, saving storage space and transportation costs.


(5) According to the diversity of user needs, the appearance elements of the product can be post-processed to meet the needs of commodity display. Various additives can be added according to customer requirements during pulping, and different types of paper cutlery can be customized.


Problems related topaper cutlery


Are biological tableware the same as paper cutlery?

Not the same, but the two are related. The scope of biological tableware is wider, and biological tableware includes paper cutlery. The materials or products of the biological tableware are partially or completely derived from plants, such as corn, sugar cane, cellulose, etc. Pulp is not the only one.


Can the paper paddle bowl be used in a microwave oven?

Yes. Paper bowls can be used in microwave ovens, and other non-metallic bowls that are not easy to crack when heated can also be used in microwave ovens. Paper bowls are not included in the contraindications for microwave ovens. 



1. Microwave is a kind of ultra-high frequency electromagnetic wave with very high frequency. Microwave heating is when the electromagnetic wave emitted by the microwave tube penetrates the food, it causes the molecules in the food to vibrate at a high speed, and the molecules in the food vibrate violently to generate heat;


2. When using a paper bowl in a microwave oven, the paper bowl will not block the propagation of microwaves, and the microwave can directly pass through the paper bowl, so the paper bowl will not affect the microwave heating of food;


3. The propagation of microwaves will be affected by metal. Therefore, metal bowls cannot be used in microwave ovens. If a metal bowl is used, part of the microwaves will be reflected. At the same time, a sharp discharge will be generated at the edge of the bowl to cause food to fail. Rapid heating, and the reflected electromagnetic waves and the discharge and ignition of the edge of the bowl will accelerate the damage of the microwave tube.


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Inchel is a big platform for biodegradable products producing. We are one of paper cutlery manufacturers in China. If you are also committed to the eco-friendly products, welcome to join us.