Rice Straw: More Eco-friendly And Faster Decomposing

December 23,2020

Increasingly more services, customers, and authorities are actually trying to find techniques to lower their single-use plastic intake, and non reusable plastic straws have actually come to be a lightning rod in the globally effort to lower plastic waste, which produces more and more rice straw suppliers,manufacturer, distributor and factories. 

Rice straw is actually the fertile component of the rice plant, cut at grain harvest or even after. It may be shed and also left on the industry just before the next ploughing, ploughed down as a dirt improver or made use of as a feed for animals. Rice straw is actually a major forage in rice-producing areas. as well as While plastic straws may take up to 200 years to decay, rice straws are actually one hundred percent organic, biodegradable, compostable, inexpensive, as well as even edible; some rice straws could be prepared as well as consumed like a rice noodle. And most importantly, they last for as much as 18 hrs and also do not disintegrate or impact palate like paper straws or other environmentally friendly straw possibilities.

As an eco-friendly straw supplier, Inchel Technology is committed to minimalist, environmental and disposables product. And Rice Straw is a new type of environmental friendly and biodegradable disposable product that replaces plastic straws. We have a recommendation for you.

 A cylindrical, hollow biodegradable rice straw

Rice straw     Rice straw

Material/ Classification: Rice

Appearance: Cylindrical

Size: 6/7/8/10/12 mm

Print: Customized

Color: Nature White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple

Port: Guangzhou

Payment: PayPal,VISA,MasterCard,Western Union,L/C,T/T,D/P,D/A,Other

Rice straw's value proposition

  • Naturally biodegradable materials
  • Cetification
  • Comprehensive quality control        

Inchel  Technology company

As we all know, ordering in bulk may be at good price and get cheaper. Of course we are not the exception, and the samples is available for you, the min order is 10,000/piece. Any interested, please contact us with no hesitation. Looking forward to your inquiry and cooperation.