Secret Of Food Liner Paper

February 18,2021

It can be seen everywhere in the catering industry, such as KFC, McDonald, dessert shops, etc. What does a piece of food liner paper bring  to you? It can be positive and negative effects.


food liner paper


Brand Information Carrier


The lively and interesting food liner paper matches the brand positioning and consumption scenarios. Under the Internet environment, it can increase the interaction with consumers and the spread of the brand to a certain extent.




In China, McDonald's and KFC should be the ones who play the food liner paper the most. From the initial convenience of squeezing ketchup and closing, to product introduction and event promotion, they will design different food liner papers according to different festivals and events, and even have functional interaction, which will bring consumers unique dining experience.




The method of directly transmitting brand information through food liner paper is more suitable for take-out catering.


Office workers order takeaways at the company. In order to prevent the soup and rice from staining the desk, they must find a piece of paper to pad on the desk, which is a consumer demand. Baidu Waimai once seized this point and produced the food liner paper for distribution to promote the platform entrance.


The relationship between takeaway merchants and consumers is similar to that of ordinary netizens. I know you, but you can’t feel the characteristics of what you look like, so the food liner paper can actually play this role. If you want to promote special products, you can include product information. If you want to show that you are a green, healthy, and high-quality business, you can include information such as the source of ingredients and product ingredients. If you want to discount, you can also advance notice. Let consumers remember you through this paper, instead of bye bye after eating.


In the opinion of most people, food liner paper is not very useful except for cleaning and convenience. It is a choice to use it or not to use it. It is another choice to use it casually and well. The effect is also different.


Now that you have decided to spend this part of the cost, you should pay attention to this detail, and carefully consider how the design can increase the consumer experience, and how to achieve the maximum effect of brand information transmission. This is the rule of addition.


White food liner paper in KFC family bucket


  1. Sort the food; separate the chicken wings, chicken nuggets, chicken legs, etc. 
  2. Prevent oil; because the whole family barrel is filled with fried food, but this white paper should absorb the excess oil in the food very well. Use this white paper to wrap the food and hold it so that the fat will not be straight contact with skin.
  3. Play a blinding effect. The most important point of this white paper is that it has a blinding effect. The food is filled up, which makes people feel a lot. In fact, when we remove this white paper, we will find that there is not so much food. It's just half a bucket.


KFC food liner paper


Tips for food liner paper design 


1. Convey restaurant products and event information at any time


The food liner paper is made into the form of a newspaper, and the content is divided into product and event information; new products launched; preferential activities, etc., so that guests can understand and follow-up visits.


2. Fun reading


In addition to introducing restaurant products and event information, this food liner paper is also interesting to read.


3. Game interaction


How to ensure the experience of the person dining alone? The Sudoku game and timeliness information on the food liner paper is a companion for solo diners.


Bio-disposable liner


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In fact, food liner paper is mainly an advertising carrier. The core of advertising accurately convey the biggest selling point of the product, so the food liner paper also needs to be subtracted. The information is not much but accurate. In addition, the value of beauty should also be considered. After all, the value of beauty is the basis of social networking. Remember, man is a visual animal.