Why Choose Cotton Towels With Nature Fiber Material?

January 19,2021

Towels are daily necessities that we need to wash our faces, bathe, and wipe our bodies every day. As things that come in close contact with the skin, we need to choose more seriously. Today’s towels on the market are full of brands, varieties, colors and sizes. Today I will introduce a cotton towel made of natural fibers. Maybe you have ever heard of it. Anyway, let's get to know it first.

Cotton towel with fiber material

This cleaning towel provided by Inchel Technology is used for personal hygiene. The material is natural fibers that are derived from organic raw materials. This towels are mainly plant fibers, such as cotton and hemp plants. The molecular components are mainly cellulose, which is biodegradable. Compared with man-made fibers, it has better moisture absorption and environmental friendliness.These two of raw materials have great advantages for manufacturing towels.

Advantages of cotton fiber

1. Cotton fiber has good moisture absorption and can maintain water balance. The moisture content of cotton fiber is 8-10%, and it will not be stiff and dry. At the same time, the moisture in the fiber will easily evaporate when the humidity increases, so it can always maintain a soft and dry touch.

2. Keep warm and heat resistant. Cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and has good elasticity. A large amount of air can be retained between the fibers. At the same time, the cotton fiber is not easily damaged under high temperature and strong alkali environment, so it has strong warmth retention and extremely durable.

3. Health and safety. The main components of cotton fiber are cellulose and a small amount of pectin and waxy substances, which are non-irritating in direct contact with the skin.

Advantages of hemp fiber

For the textile industry, hemp fiber is an invaluable treasure. It has the title of the second skin of the human body, and some people even hold it on the altar as the king of natural fibers. The hollow structure is distributed with dense gaps and small cavities, which can absorb a large amount of oxygen and have strong sterilization. Hemp fiber and its fabric have the characteristics of moisture absorption, breathability, antibacterial, and UV resistance.

Cotton towel

After the introduction, is it worth to having one? Although there are all kinds of cotton towels on the market, no matter which towel you choose, you must ask the cotton towel manufacturers more about the material and quality before buying. Towels must be cleaned after normal use. If possible, they can be disinfected under the sun to prevent bacteria from breeding and affecting our skin.