Why Choose Sugarcane/Bagasse Pulp Food Containers?

March 03,2021

Green Sugarcane/Bagasse Pulp Food Container Wholesale


Do you know what's the material of the container with delicious food in the picture above? Wood pulp? Cardboard? Or PP polypropylene? Neither. In fact, it is made of sugarcane/bagasse pulp with sugar cane bagasse as raw material. Why use sugarcane/bagasse pulp as the material of food containers.


Disposable Container

In the catering industry, disposable plastic containeres are the most widely used today. However, the disadvantages of being difficult to degrade and environmentally friendly have been criticized by people, and environmentally friendly materials that can replace plastic to make disposable containeres are also constantly being explored.


The main raw material of disposable paper containeres is pulp, and pulp is mainly derived from wood. Although wood is being consumed in large quantities, disposable environmentally friendly paper containeres made from it have not been widely used. Sugarcane pulp, which is also a plant fiber material, can effectively replace wood pulp, and is low-cost and environmentally friendly. Know the following sugarcane/bagasse pulp


Sugarcane/Bagasse Pulp

Sugarcane pulp is also a kind of paper pulp. It uses sugarcane bagasse as raw material, and is formulated into a certain concentration of pulp through processes such as hydraulic pulping and high-temperature disinfection.


Bagasse pulp is another representative of non-wood pulp. The bagasse after sugar cane sugar is used as raw material to extract fiber into pulp. Many companies use bagasse to provide energy for the production line at the same time. The entire production is a manifestation of the use of resources from multiple angles.



  • Sugarcane is an annual plant, and the fiber is easier to be naturally degradable. Bagasse raw materials can use the most conventional alkali method or kraft method to make chemical pulp, which is easy to cook and bleach, and the pulp performance is good, which makes the container high-quality.


  • The supply of bagasse is highly concentrated and quarterly, which has a greater impact on the production of bagasse pulp.


  • Sugarcane pulp is cheaper than wood pulp and can make up for the shortcomings of wood pulp cost


Sugarcane pulp is widely used in the field of high-end food green packaging, and more and more food containers choose this as raw material. Adhere to the global environmental protection demand as the guide, Inchel is also one of the companies who has sugarcane / bagasse pulp food containers wholesale. Have to say, food-grade sugarcane pulp has a bright future .




Inchel focuses on providing global consumers with healthy, safe, high-quality, environmental friendly, and bio-degradable disposable products. We master the core environmental protection material technology and a professional R&D team, which can provide customers with high-quality biodegradable disposable products.


Sugarcane/Bagasse Pulp Food Container Wholesale