Why Not Take Paper Based Food Containers For A Spring Outing?

March 22,2021

spring outing paper based foods  containers


After a few weeks of rainy weather and bright weather, we have to seize this opportunity to go for a spring outing, so as to prevent the subsequent weather from getting worse, take actions quickly! A tablecloth and a large number of food wrapped in paper containers are the standard equipment for this spring outing.


When it’s rainy and cloduy day, gatherings with friends are basically in the big living room, sitting on the cold ivory white polish floor tiles, eating some takeaways or homemade delicacies, listening to the latest gossip, and playing games. Although the die-cast aluminum downlight at home is turned on, it is still difficult to feel the arrival of spring. After all, spring needs to go out to feel the warm spring breeze, warm sunshine and colorful colors.


Now is a good time to buy a large number of environmentally friendly paper food containers to hold your food, make delicious sandwiches, sushi, bring sausages, desserts, fruits, soft drinks and everything you want to bring! By the way, the camera is also very important! Girls also need to prepare exquisite makeup, nice-looking accessories. Of course, blingbling nail art in spring is also a must. See the blingbling powder recommended by many nail glitter powder manufacturers.

 wholesale paper based food container


The following are the purchasing tips for paper based food containers


Kraft paper based food container

This kind of container can hold foods with prominent colors, such as delicious strawberries and corn cubes that bite into juice. These will be very suitable, and the color matching with kraft paper is also very good.


Sulfuric acid paper paper based food container

This kind of packaging box is very suitable for storing oily foods such as sausages, fried chicken, chicken thigh pieces, pizza and so on. Many people like to eat this kind of food, so you must bring it when you travel. This food container is very suitable. Of course, you may make a delicious bento, this is also a good one, the kind of takeaway box we often order.


To seize the good weather in spring and go out for a walk, you can feel refreshed both physically and mentally!


Why choose paper based food containers?

1. It is a good substitute for non-degradable disposable plastic tableware.


2. It can effectively protect the product. Packaging containers made of cardboard have certain strength and elasticity, while cartons made of corrugated cardboard have significantly better elasticity than packaging containers made of other packaging materials.


3. No environmental pollution. Paper containers can be recycled and reused as raw materials. They have no waste, unlike plastic materials that can cause environmental pollution.


4. Hygiene and non-toxic. Paper packaging materials are harmless to the human body and are particularly good for food packaging. In many countries, paper containers have been re-used for food packaging.


picnic foods with paper food container


Aftere knowing above advantages, why not take paper based food containers for yor spring outing? If you are a retailer selling food container products and have ideas about this, please feel free to contact us, we wholesale paper based food container which is eco-friendly and high- quality, and we are committed to the sustainable development.