Areas with Unique Knowhow

  Classification of Biodegradable Materials 
         Natural Sources - Wood, Grass, Bamboo, Bagasse, Sugarcane, Cotton, Starch, Casein, etc. 
         Biomass Derivatives - PLA, PBAT, PBS, PHA, Paper, etc. 

  Molecular structure & modification

  Processability of different biodegradable materials

Materials Developed 

  Biodegradable Adhesive
        Biodegradable Adhesive includes paper straw adhesive, Casein based adhesive, Jelly glue, etc.


  Biodegradable Coating
        Biodegradable Coating replaces traditional plastic coating. 


  Biodegradable Resin
        Biodegradable Resin can be injection molded and blown film to make degradable products, including straws, tableware, bags, gloves, etc.


  Biodegradable Film & Solutions
        Biodegradable Film can be used to replace PE coating on lunch boxes or as food cling film.