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    Striaght, Elbow, Stripe Color, Kraft, Diagonal Cut, Printing, Laminated with precoated & non-plastic paper
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Product Description

The straw, or drinking straw, is a cylindrical, hollow product. Its main function is to drink the beverage in the cup, and it is also used to suck the bone marrow of some cooked animals.

Generally, the diameter is about 0.5cm, but when used to drink yogurt, bubble tea and other drinks, a thicker straw is used, such as 1.2cm. Some are less common, straws with very small diameters are used for hot drinks.

Straws have always been made of plastic, but in recent years they have gradually been banned due to plastic pollution.

Paper straws are currently the most widely used alternative to plastic straws. Compared with other biodegradable straws, paper straws are more beautiful and beautiful, with various colors and economical advantages. And it has been in the market for a long time, and now people generally accept paper straws instead of plastic straws.


The raw material of paper is natural plant fiber, such as wood, grass, reed, bamboo and so on. It is made by cooking wood and other raw materials into pulp, and then adding a small amount of auxiliary materials.

Paper is not only a biodegradable material, but also a recyclable material. It can be recycled into recycled paper, or under the action of microorganisms, it can eventually form compounds in common forms such as carbon dioxide and water in nature.

Paper is an environmentally friendly resource. Disposable products made of paper, such as tableware, bags, etc., replace non-degradable plastic disposable products to reduce white pollution.

Value Proposition

  • Naturally biodegradable materials
  • Cetification
  • Comprehensive quality control

Company Profile

Bio-disposable® Platform was established to embrace the concept of green and sustainability. As a one-stop solution providing arena, R&D of biodegradable materials, product design, production and supply chain were well integrated. We have a very strong talented R&D and operation team equipped with cutting edge facilities. A broad service network was also put in place to provide customers with full range of support. The dedicated website focuses on showcasing the world innovative biodegradable materials and disposable products, as well as environmental protection information.

The innovative biodegradable materials we offer include Biodegradable Coating and Adhesive, Pre-coated Paper, PLA Resin and Film. And furthermore, our team is very actively working on expansion of more value-added biodegradable materials.

Together with our biodegradable materials, we also partnered with high profile machine providers in China trying to offer one-stop solutions for our customers.

One of the biggest applications for our biodegradable materials is for disposable products which include food containers, Cutlery, Drinking tools, Papers for food package, Natural Fiber products and so on. We already built strong collaboration with our partners to offer broad range of such products to our customers.

Bio-disposable Platform is powered by Inchel Technology Group Limited. Based on the company's strong team, R&D and operation capabilities, we are offering total eco-friendly solutions to promote a green and healthy lifestyle to the world.

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