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Product Description

Skewers are usually pointed, and made from bamboo. They are usually used to skewer food, such as fruits, meat, vegetables, etc., and also can be used for barbecues. Barbecue use the skewers to skewer the food and put it on the fire. Barbecue is loved by people all over the world, and skewers can also be used as one of the disposable tableware, so skewers are often appeared at parties.


Natural bamboo can be processed into our common daily necessities and disposable tableware, such as straws, chopsticks, cutlery, etc. Bamboo grows strong and fast in nature and is a highly sustainable plant. The used bamboo products can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water when buried in the soil, which contributes to the looseness and permeability of the soil, prevents soil compaction, promotes the healthy development and growth of plant roots, and realizes taking from nature and returning to nature.

As a biodegradable material, bamboo solves the problems of ordinary plastics that are difficult to degrade and heavy pollution; and solves the problems of general biodegradable materials that are not heat-resistant, cold-resistant, low mechanical strength, difficult to apply, difficult to popularize, and expensive. It can replace non-degradable plastics to produce disposable tableware, film bags, packaging materials, toys and other products.

Value Proposition

  • Naturally biodegradable materials
  • Certification
  • Comprehensive quality control

Company Profile

Bio-disposable® Platform was established to embrace the concept of green and sustainability. As a one-stop solution providing arena, R&D of biodegradable materials, product design, production and supply chain were well integrated. We have a very strong talented R&D and operation team equipped with cutting edge facilities. A broad service network was also put in place to provide customers with full range of support. The dedicated website focuses on showcasing the world innovative biodegradable materials and disposable products, as well as environmental protection information.

The innovative biodegradable materials we offer include Biodegradable Coating and Adhesive, Pre-coated Paper, PLA Resin and Film. And furthermore, our team is very actively working on expansion of more value-added biodegradable materials.

Together with our biodegradable materials, we also partnered with high profile machine providers in China trying to offer one-stop solutions for our customers.

One of the biggest applications for our biodegradable materials is for disposable products which include food containers, Cutlery, Drinking tools, Papers for food package, Natural Fiber products and so on. We already built strong collaboration with our partners to offer broad range of such products to our customers.

Bio-disposable Platform is powered by Inchel Technology Group Limited. Based on the company's strong team, R&D and operation capabilities, we are offering total eco-friendly solutions to promote a green and healthy lifestyle to the world.

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